Training – Swim/Strength

Monday’s can be an interesting day to get in your exercise routine.  For me, Monday’s are always a swim day, and a strength training day.  My swim consisted of 5 X 200 with 45 seconds rest (intense), and then 4 X 400 with 45 seconds rest (medium).  The swim was very good, and I was pretty winded from the 5 X 200’s.

The second part is strength training.  I do a fully body workout, 3 times a week using Nautilus machines, and 3 dumbbell exercises.  It takes just a little over an hour (1 hour and  minutes) to complete the fully body workout.  My strength training has improved drastically, and I am happy to be able to lift a few weights because of shoulder and knee issues.

Speaking of shoulder, back in April (2010) I had surgery on my shoulder.  Dr. David Schafer (Orthopedic Surgeon) located in Buffalo Grove, IL had to go into my left shoulder and repair my bicep (pin through the muscle) and also had to repair a tear in my rotator cuff and put in a couple of anchors.  I followed “doctor’s” orders and lifted nothing greater than 5 pounds for 6 weeks (I also had a great nurse who helped me through the healing process).  Then after the 6 weeks, I gradually started doing every day tasks with the should.  Then at the beginning of October, I decided to add strength training to my routine and have been slowly adding weight, but maintaining my form, and also performing 15 reps.  This has allowed me to increase my strength, and has put limited stress on my shoulder.  Dr. Schafer did an excellent job, and I am extremely happy with the results on my shoulder.  If you are in the Chicago-land area and you need an Orthopedic Surgeon, I highly recommend him … Excellent!!


~ by Greg Vick on October 25, 2010.

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