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Yes, you read that correctly … I said Tempo Runs!!  I know … crazy.  But Tuesdays are interesting days in that I work out in the morning on my regular schedule, and then I work out with the MUSC Half Marathon and Marathon Training Club.  So I end up with two running workouts on Tuesdays.  I know that it sounds like a lot, but the tempo runs have really helped me improve my time … I think.

In the morning, I started out with a 55 minute tempo run.  Since I walked to the gym, I did not warm up but started right into my run.  After the 55 minutes was over, I did walk for 5 minutes and walked home.

In the evening, I did a slow jog for 12 minutes.  Then I walked for 4 minutes.  I then ran, at a pace that is about 20 seconds faster than my planned half marathon pace for 20 minutes.  I walked for 4 minutes, and did a slow jog for 12 minutes.

It’s a good solid workout, and something that I will continue to do until 2 weeks before the half marathon the beginning of December.  I will pick it up again the week after the half, and then continue to do it again until the full marathon in mid-January.

~ by Greg Vick on October 26, 2010.

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