Training – Pace Run

Saturday’s run is typically a pace run.  A pace run is where you do a run at the pace in which you plan on doing your race.  For example, if you intend on completing the half marathon in 2 hours and 15 minutes, then you need to be able to run at 10:19 per mile.  This will allow you to meet your time goal.  So the idea of this run is that you run the distance at the pace in which you plan on completing the race.  In the example used, you would run 5 miles at a 10:19 pace per mile.  So you would complete the 5 miles in 51 minutes and 35 seconds.

Anyway, I completed my pace run, under my pace time, which means that I am still doing ok even though I was off for a couple of days because of a cold.  I am feeling better today … maybe not 100%, but I am feeling pretty good, and I had a good run.

Tomorrow will be a long run … a nice 10 miles that I will be running on a Sunday morning that is predicted to be nice and cold.

~ by Greg Vick on November 6, 2010.

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