3 X 2 Miles – 3 Weeks Out From Race

I don’t know about you, but I am a knowledge whore.  I want to try to learn everything, and knowing some of the dumbest trivia is always beneficial when you want to just throw something out in a conversation.  I like to do that because it changes the subject, and also people look at you like you are crazy when you just throw something out has nothing to do with the conversation.

For example, here is a great conversation to throw some odd ball trivia out. 

Person 1: “What do you think about President Obama and the wonderful work that he and his administration is doing?”

Me: “Did you know that Trap Jaw Ants live in Africa as well as other exotic locations across the world. These ants have large jaws that can open wide and capture prey. Trap jaw ants have six legs and long, brown bodies. They typically grow larger than 1 inch long.”

As you can see from my answer, I did not have to answer that question, and I was able to get out of answering it because I knew some stupid trivia.

So what’s the point of this?  Like wanting to know trivia, I also want to know more about running, and I want to see what I can do to:

1.  Increase my overall speed

2.  Ensure that I hit my goal times

So how do I do this?  I do this by doing a lot of reading and ensuring that I am putting in the right amount of road work, and that I am doing the right exercises to ensure that I can continue to increase my speed, and that I will hit my goal times. 

The program that I am on right now is excellent, and I’m very happy with the progress that I have made.  With that being said, I want to make sure that I can at least hit my goal time in the half marathon in Las Vegas on the 5th of December, so I needed a “test” to see how I am doing. 

Anyway, I was reading the November issue of Runner’s World, and on page 33 there is an article titled “Good Targets.”  Since I was coming up on my 3 weeks out for the half marathon, I figured that I would try the “Can You Hit It?” workout on page 34.  According to the paragraph, for the half marathon I needed to run “3 X 2 miles @ half- marathon pace with 1-minute recovery.”

Well, I did the run, and I did excellent, and managed to run well below my goal pace.  Since my goal for the half marathon is complete it in 2:15, I need to be able to run a pace that is 10:19 mph.  Well, on the run, I managed to average 9:31 and that was with my 1-minute recovery added into the mix, and walking for .32 miles at the end of the run.  My 10K time was 56:30, and the time to complete the entire run, which was 6.3 miles (.30 miles of this was “recovery) was 57:17. 

So overall, I feel like I am doing great on my goals. 

I used the Runner’s World Training Calculator again (http://runnersworld.com/trainingcalculator) and according to my 10K split, I should be able to run the half marathon in under 2:05.  My goal is to run better than 2:15, so anything that I do better than that is extra.  I want to break 2:15.  Maybe my next half marathon, I will work on breaking 2:00,, but for this one, I want to break 2:15.


~ by Greg Vick on November 14, 2010.

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