Once bitten … The running bug

One year ago today I completed my very first half marathon.  I did the San Antonio Rock N Roll Half Marathon.  Now I didn’t make great time on my first run, I completed it in 3:44:48.  From a pace perspective, this is 17:07 per mile.  I know what you are thinking, that’s not that fast.  Well, there are a few reasons for that. 

First, I was coming off as nasty cold.  In fact, I had just completed a steroid pack the day before the race.  And I was out of work for 4 days prior to the race because I was so sick.  So to be able to even do it was amazing.

Second, I was doing this first half marathon with Jacqui.  And believe it or not, she was sick as well.  She was feeling pretty bad herself, and I know that she gave it her all to complete the race as well.  Jacqui is a trooper …

Third, and finally, I wanted Jacqui and I to do this together.  It was her birthday weekend, and I wanted us to cross the finish line together.  And we did … we crossed it together, hand in hand, and our hands held high.  It was something to celebrate, because we completed 13.1 miles.

Unfortunately, I was now bitten.  Oh yeah, the running bug hit me.  I knew that we could do better, and I knew that I could do better.  Being sick, however, made it hard to be able to get an accurate feeling for just how I would have done.  But I knew that I needed to do another one, and I was going to do better.

So I did the Chicago Rock n Roll Half Marathon in August.  And I did do better … I completed it in 2:45:45.   This means that my pace on this run was 12:38 per mile.  Needless to say, I did much better.  But, I know that I can do better …

So I am training harder, and I really feel that I can break the 2:15 mark for the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Half Marathon.  And I will let you know, but I have the bug … Oh yeah, I have it pretty hard.  In fact, I have already signed up for a full Marathon in Charleston SC the middle of January, and I have signed up to the Savannah Rock n Roll Half Marathon in November of 2011.  Oh yeah … I have been bitten, and I have the running bug!!


~ by Greg Vick on November 15, 2010.

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