5 Mile Run and Strength Training

The run this morning was a 5 mile run.  The idea behind this run is that it is performed below the pace that I need to run for the half marathon.  My pace for the half marathon needs to be 10:19, and I ran the 5 miles at 10:10.  I do wish that I could have run the 5 miles a little faster, at least a 9:50 pace, but I am still tired from my lack of sleep the other night.  I have really been dragging, and I don’t know if I need more sleep or if I need to do a pre-run drink.  Tomorrow I plan on drinking a Gatorade G1 prior to my run.  I will let you know if this helps the situation.

I also did a full body strength session.  This session is still my old routine that I will change after I complete the half marathon on the 5th of December.  My session consists of machines and dumbbells … I also do some core work.  I focus on my lower back and my abs.  I will continue to do core work even after I change my workout routine to include more compound exercises. 

~ by Greg Vick on November 17, 2010.

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