Two a Day – Tempo Runs

Since today is Tuesday, that means that I have two workouts in the day.  My morning workout consisted of a 75 minute tempo run, and the evening session consisted of a 2 mile tempo run.

In the morning workout I started out with a 10 minute easy jog.  The pace on that jog was 5.2 on the treadmill.  After the 10 minutes was up, I then changed the speed to 6.1 and ran for 75 minutes.  Once I completed the 75 minutes, I changed the speed to 5.2 and did an easy jog for 10 minutes.  That was my morning tempo run.

The evening run was another tempo run.  It was a 2 mile tempo run.  What I did was do an easy pace for 1 mile.  That pace was 10:30.  At the end of that pace, I then ran 2 miles.  The first mile was a 9:17 pace and the second mile was at 7:48.  I then jogged back for 1 mile at a 10:17 pace.

Overall, the two tempo runs felt very good.  Tomorrow will be a 5 mile run at a 10:10 pace … Then weights in the afternoon.  On thursday, I will only bike … not running on Thursday.  And I plan on enjoying some turkey and fixings! 

~ by Greg Vick on November 23, 2010.

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