One day to go …

One day to go before the race tomorrow, and I’m feeling good.  I’ve been a little congested, but overall I still feel pretty good.  It’s so tough being in Sin City and not wanting to sin.  I was up late last night, until around 2:00 am, and then made sure that I got up early enough so that I would still be able to fall asleep tonight.

My workout before the race was a pretty easy one.  Again, I don’t want to push it, but I want to make sure that I stay focused and ready for the race.  I started out with a .5 mile walk.  Once I completed that, as a warm-up, I then ran two mile about 20 seconds faster than what I need for my race pace.  Since I have actually been training faster than my anticipated race pace, I decided that I may step it up tomorrow to see if I can maybe break 2:10 for the overall race.  Anyway, once I completed the 2 miles, I then walked for .8 miles for a cool-down.

The rest of the day will be relaxing.  I will go to old Vegas and walk around a little, but I am not going to push it at all.  My intent is to be back early enough so that I am in bed by 10:00 pm so that I can get up at 5:00am and get ready for my run.

I will let you know how the big day turns out …

~ by Greg Vick on December 4, 2010.

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