4 Mile Easy Run and Schedule of Events

Tonight was just an easy 4 mile run.  I started to get a pain in the top of my foot so I did not push the pace, and stopped after 4 miles instead of continuing on to 5 miles.  It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.  I’d rather cut a workout short, or even skip a day instead of injuring myself even more and then not being able to train at all. 


I think that I have my schedule of events that I will be participating in for 2011.  I know that I want to add one more Triathlon to my schedule, and I will have to see where I can fit that it.  But I’m thinking that I will do the Sprint Triathlon in my hometown in September.  Anyway, here is my schedule:


15 January 2011 – Charleston’s Marathon River Front Race (Full Marathon)

16 January 2011 – Charleston’s Marathon River Front Race (64 Mile Bike Ride)

01 April 2011 – Cooper River Bridge Run (10K)

14 May 2011 – TriRock Annapolis Maryland (Sprint Triathlon)

25 June 2011 – Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon (Full Marathon)

03 September 2011 – Venice Triathlon

05 November 2011 – Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon and Half Marathon (Half Marathon) 


In order to keep my training fresh and to prevent injury, I plan on doing triathlon training throughout the whole year.  I will work back from each event, and do my training that way so that I will no overdo it.  I also intend on doing the Ironman training for the full marathon events, and Half Ironman training for all other events (including the sprints). 


I will also include strength training in my routine to incorporate free weights, dumbbells, machines, and core exercises.  I will either do the strength training two or three days a week.  It all depends on the schedule that I develop for this training.



~ by Greg Vick on December 7, 2010.

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