Swimming and Strength Training

Today it was cold.  In fact, it was so cold that I did not even want to go outside to walk to the gym this morning.  So I was lazy … I drove my car to the gym, parked as close as I could, and froze to death as I walked to the gym.  This Florida boy cannot handle the cold weather.

Anyway, the top of my foot is a little sore, and I know that it is due to the way that I run.  What I really need is a running coach and a swim coach to help me out with my form in both of those areas.  I know that I am not a natural runner, or swimmer … in fact, when I swim, it looks almost like I am drowning in the water instead of swimming.

Anyway, instead of running this morning, I decided to get in a swim.  I started out by swimming 200 meters pretty slow, just so that I could get warmed up.  Then I swim 50 meters hard, with a 15 second rest between each rep.  I did this for 500 meters.  I then finished by swimming 300 meters at a slow steady pace.

For my afternoon workout, I did my first workout with my new routine.  I did change it up a little, but it is still pretty much the same.  I wrote down my exercises, but the card is at the gym.  I will bring it home on Friday and I will type up what my exact routine is.  I did decided that I would include the core workouts (plank, sit ups, etc.) on my non-strength training days so that I can really focus more energy on these exercises instead of doing them at the end of my weight session when I am more tired.

I think that tomorrow I will give my foot one more day of rest and will ride the stationary bike at the gym instead of running tomorrow as well.


~ by Greg Vick on December 8, 2010.

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