Playing Catch-Up

I know … I’m late in putting out my latest information.  So this blog will be me playing catch-up with my training.

On Thursday, I was feeling a little sore, so I decided that I would ride the stationary bike for an hour.  I kept the rotation around 100 per minute, and I increased the level every 5 minutes from 5 to 11.  Then I slowly decreased the level every 5 minutes.  Overall, it was a great workout, and it provided me a little rest from the pounding.

On Friday, I ran 5 miles in the morning at a 6.0 mph pace with a 1% incline.  This allowed me to maintain a steady pace so that I can focus on pacing for the Charleston marathon.

In the afternoon, I lifted weights, and did a fully body routine.  I used a combination of FreeMotion machines, Cybex, barbell and dumbbell.  I also included some core workouts in the routine.  Overall, the whole routine took about an hour to complete.

On Saturday I decided that I was going to try to run 16 miles, outside, in the cold and the rain … Ok, so that was not too smart on my part.  The weather was nasty, and it was not comfortable to run in at all.  I managed to get in 8 miles, but it was the worst 8 miles that I have ever run in my life.  I have decided that I am a fair-weather runner … I can handle the cold, and I can handle the heat, but I cannot run in the rain.

I also planned out the marathon in Seattle that I will be running in June on my calendar.  I need to plan out the Sprint Triathlon that I will be doing in Annapolis, MD in May.  It will be interesting to see how I am able to mix the two training sessions into my workout.  I will keep the speed workouts and the long slow distance runs, as well as any tempo, hills, etc from my running.  So that means that I will need to add in swimming and bike on those days in which I have a recovery run.  I will need to play with this, but I should be able to get it all in …


~ by Greg Vick on December 11, 2010.

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