8 Miles

Yesterday, Sunday, I was supposed to do an 8 mile run.  However, I am still nursing the stress fracture, so I decided to mix it up to get my 8 miles in.  At the same time, I also needed to increase the distance that I have been running.

I started out by doing 4 miles on the elliptical.  I increased the level every 5 minutes, and then started my way back down the ladder the last 15 minutes.   After I complete the 4 miles on the elliptical, I hit the treadmill for 4 miles.  Not wanting to push myself too hard, I kept my pace right around 11:30 for the 4 miles.  Overall I felt pretty good, and my foot felt fine.  I do know that it is going to be a push to complete the marathon since I can tell that my aerobic capacity has decreased in the past few weeks.  But if I take it easy, and maintain a nice pace I should be ok.

I completed the Detox diet yesterday, and I can say that it was a success.  Again, I feel great, and I managed to drop about 5 pounds of unwanted Holiday weight gain over the 5 days … So I will consider that a success.  Today, I start back with my normal eating, but I still will ensure that I keep my total caloric intake between 2200 and 2400 calories a day. 

~ by Greg Vick on January 3, 2011.

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