Interval Run

Yes, you read that correct.  Today I did an interval run.  This was my first interval run in over 3 weeks.  Overall I felt pretty good, but it is amazing how quickly you can get out of shape.  I was winded even at the pace that I was running.

I started the workout by walking for .25 miles.  I started out at 3.5, then increase .1 every minute until I reached the .25 mile mark.  Once I hit that .25 mile, I then increased the pace to 4.5 and ran a minute at that pace.  I then increased the pace to 4.8, and ran another minute.  Then I increased it to 5.0 and finished up the .25 miles.  Once that was done, I increased the speed to 5.5 and ran for .5 miles.  Once I hit the .5 mile mark, I slowed the place down to .5 miles, and completed another .25 miles.  I then increased the speed to 5.5 for .5 miles, and then 5.0 for .25 miles.  I did this repeat for 5 times.  I then finished by slowing down .1 mph from the 5.5 on my last rep every 2 minutes until the time was up on the treadmill.

Overall my foot feels fine, and I am not pushing it.  So tomorrow, I will do an hour on the elliptical so that I’m not pounding on my feet day after day for the next few weeks.

Then my plan will be to do a 45 minute tempo run on Thursday with my new Asics Gel-Kayano 17s.  I’m pretty excited about trying out these new shoes.  I will let you know more about them … and I hope they hold up better than the 2150s.

 But all is going well …  


~ by Greg Vick on January 4, 2011.

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