6 Mile Run and ASICS Customer Service

That’s right, you read that correct … 6 mile run.  I tried out my new Asics Gel-Kayano 17’s today, and I was able to run 6 miles today.  I did intervals, and my pace was from 5.0 to 6.9 mph depending on the interval that I was doing.  I did a different type of run today, in that my intervals were as follows: 

1. 10 minute jog (5.0 – 5.2 mph)

2. 15 minute half marathon pace (9:45 – 10:10)

3. 5 minute jog (5.0 – 5.2 mph)

4. 10 minute 10K pace (9:20 – 9:40)

5. 5 minute jog (5.0 – 5.2 mph)

6. 10 minute 10K pace (9:20 – 9:40)

7. 5 minute jog (5.0 – 5.2 mph)

8. 5 minute 5K pace (8:45 – 9:05)

9. Jog at 5.0 to 5.2 mph until I hit the 6 mile mark


Overall the run felt really good, and I am so glad that I was able to get the new shoes so that I could begin to break them in.  I’m sure that I will be able to complete the Charleston Marathon, but I am not going to work on breaking the 4 hour mark.  My goal will be to complete the race, and to not stop … I want to run/jog the whole 26.2 miles.  What I will do then is to set a goal time for the Seattle Rock-n-Roll Marathon in June. 

 As a side note, I finally heard from the Asics Representative.  First, I will try to take them back to Dick’s Sporting Goods to see what they have to say.  If they have me a ration of crap, then I will be sending my shoes back to them, and I will see what the ASICS folks have to say when they get the shoes, but here is what their rep sent me:

 Thank you for contacting ASICS America Corporation.  My apologies for the delay in getting back to you.  We recently had a change of staff in our department and we are doing our best to respond to everyone’s emails/messages.  It is our goal to produce innovative athletic footwear, apparel and accessories to the highest quality standards.  In addition, ASICS warrants all products against any manufacturing defects.  Shoes are covered for two years from the manufacture date; apparel and accessories are covered for one year.  All ASICS products are warranted to the consumer through the retailer that makes the original sale.  You may contact the store where you made the purchase to request a return, exchange or refund. 

 If you live in the United States and feel that your product has a manufacturing defect which has not been addressed by the retailer you purchased it from, you may send it to ASICS America Corporation for inspection (see guidelines below).  If the product meets guidelines and a defect is found, we will replace it one time with the same or comparable model.  Replacement decisions are based on availability and inspection results; colors are not guaranteed.  If other models of ASICS shoes have worked for you in the past, note the style names in the explanation area on the attached form.  Please note that ASICS does not repair shoes, refund directly to the consumer, or reimburse shipping costs.


Guidelines:  All consumer product returns that do not meet these guidelines will be returned

1. Consumer must be located in the United States

2. Product must fall within warranty time frame (two years for shoes, one year for apparel and accessories). The manufacturing date is located on the bottom of shoe labels under the tongue and typically starts with the letter “F”–the last four numbers of this code indicate the month and year. For example, F371108 shows that the shoes were manufactured in November of 2008.

3. All shoes must be returned in pairs

4. Product must not be altered, abused, or excessively worn.  Please note that running shoes are typically expected to last 300-500 miles.  Returned shoes that appear to exceed these amounts may be considered to have normal wear-and-tear and be excessively worn.

Mailing Instructions: 

If you are a U.S. resident and the product meets the guidelines above, please print and fill out the attached CONSUMER RETURN FORM (REQUIRED).  Include this in your package with the product you are returning and mail in a sturdy package to the address below.  Also include original packaging and a copy of your receipt if possible.

 ASICS America Corporation

Attn: Consumer Relations

29 Parker, Suite 100

Irvine, CA 92618 

If you are a Canadian resident, please contact the ASICS distributor in Canada via phone at (819) 566-8866 or by e-mail at yves@aqpinc.com.

Thank you,  

~ by Greg Vick on January 6, 2011.

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