Tempo Run, Cruise Interval and Speed Interval

Well, I’m back in full gear … not at the speeds I was at prior to the stress fracture, but I’m still going strong.

Today started off with an 800 meter jog at 5.0 mph, then I ran 3200 meters at 5.5mph.  Once I completed that tempo run, I then backed down to 5.0 mph for 400 meters.  I then did 2 X 800 Cruise Intervals at 5.8 mph with 400 meters at 5.0 mph as a recovery.  Once I completed the Cruise Intervals, I did 2 X 400 Speed Intervals at 6.9 mph with 400 meters at 5.0 as a recovery between the reps.  I then did 400 meters at 5.0, and another 400 meters at 4.5 as my cool down.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good.  I know that I won’t be able to make my initial goal for the Charleston Marathon, but I’m sure that I will finish in under 5 hours (new goal since I had the injury).


~ by Greg Vick on January 10, 2011.

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