Traithlon Training – Days 1 and 2

I forgot to enter in my training for yesterday for the triathlon training that I am doing.  I do need to add that I am modifying the run a little to meet a 10K that I am doing the 2nd of April, as well as a marathon that I will be running in June.  So my running will be a little different from what is typical in an Olympic Distance Triathlon Training Program.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I did a bike ride of 15.5 miles.  I did short sprints every mile for about 30 seconds on the ride.  Overall the ride felt great, but I do need to add more speed to the ride.  I need to figure out the gears a little more, and I also need to work on my cadence on the bike.

Today, Thursday, consisted of a 1250 meter swim.  I started out by doing 5 laps as a warm-up, then I did 100 meter repeats.  Once I hit 20 laps, I did then 5 laps as a cool-down.

I also will be doing a 20 minute run that will be followed by 3 acceleration strides.  I will start out with a 10 minute warm-up, and will finish with a 10 minute cool-down.


~ by Greg Vick on January 20, 2011.

One Response to “Traithlon Training – Days 1 and 2”

  1. Since the event swim will be 750 meters some sprints only have a 500-meter swim shoot for 800 meters for swim workouts. For the purpose of this article a lap will be considered going once across the pool coming back would be the second lap and so forth.

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