Triathlon Training – Days 3 and 4

Here I am playing catch-up again with my blog. 

Friday, which was day 3 of my triathlon training was a “rest day.”  By that it means that I did not swim, run or bike.  However, I did walk for 3 minutes as well as did strength training.  I’m going to try to fit 3 days of strength training into my program, but I don’t know if I will be able to get that many days in.  But I will at least get in 2 days of strength training, as well as 2 additional days of core exercises …

My strength training consisted of a full body workout using a mixture of free weights (barbells and dumbbells) and machines (Cybex and FreeMotion).  I do two to three exercises per body part … three on the larger muscle groups (back, legs and chest) … and two on the smaller body parts (shoulders, tricpes and biceps).  I also do 8 – 12 reps on one set and then 12 – 15 reps on the other set(s).  This allows me to increase my strength as well as increase endurance on the muscle groups.

Day 4 of my Triathlon Training Program consisted of a run.  I started out by doing a warm-up jog for 1/2 mile.  I then did intervals training after that of 6 X 400.  The speed work on the interval training was 400 meters at 7.1 mph, and the cool down of 400 meters were 5.8 mph.  Once that was completed, I then finished up the run with 3 acceleration strides.  The acceleration strides were each 100 meters followed by 100 meters of a cool down.  I started out at 7.5 mph and worked my way up to 8.0 mph then dropped the speed down to 5.8 mph for 100 meters.  Once I finished up the acceleration stride, I then did a cool down jogging to walking until I reach the 5.0 mile mark. 

Overall the run felt great, but I need to be able to sustain the 7.1 mph for at least a mile in the next month … that is my goal.

~ by Greg Vick on January 22, 2011.

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