Triathlon Training Day 6 – 700 Meter Swim (Lessons) and 15.5 Mile Bike Ride

Today was a two a day workout.  I had my first swim lesson this morning, and I knew what I was doing wrong (I was correct), but I did not know how to correct it.  So today I was introduced to a few swim drills that will help with my swimming.

First, I wore flippers for the first time.  The purpose of these were to make sure that I kicked at the hips and not at the knees.  I also used the swim paddles.  The purpose of these were to make sure that I was reaching with my swim stroke and that my elbows were bent properly.  In addition to that, I was working on my breathing too.  Needless to say, it was a lot to remember, but I noticed the difference right away.  I now have a standing 30 minute lesson every Monday.

In the afternoon, I did a bike ride.  Instead of taking my bike out, I decided to do a stationary bike ride.  I did intervals on the bike to keep it interesting.  Every 5 minutes I would increase my speed to 120 rpms for 3 minutes, then I would slow it down to 100 for two minutes.  I did this until I reach the 15.5 mile mark. 

Overall, the workout felt great, and Day 6 is in the books.


~ by Greg Vick on January 24, 2011.

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