Triathlon Training Days 17, 18 and 19

Sorry about this, but I am again playing catch-up.  I had time over the weekend, but I just did not enter in my training.

Day 17 – This day was a rest day (Friday), but I still needed to get in my strength training.  Strength training consists of a full body workout using a mix of free weights and machines.  I do think that I need to focus more on just major muscle groups, so I will probably pare down the overall training to a few exercises focusing on the major muscle groups.

Day 18 – Saturday was a 5 mile run in which my focus was to build up the speed to my 10K pace.  I slowly increased the speed and then ended the run with 3 acceleration strides increasing that pace to my 5K pace.

Day 19 – Sunday was a bike ride.  I rode for 25 miles, and then did speed intervals at every mile for 30 seconds.  I focused on keeping my cadence at 90 rpms, and then would increase it to 105 for the 30 second interval.

As a side note, the Super Bowl was a good game.  With as many mistakes that Pittsburg made I was sure that it would be a blow out.  I just could not figure out why Pittsburg did not do more to take advantage of the injuries that Green Bay suffered.  Oh well, it was a very good game, and I really did not care who won because my team (the Bucs) were not in it …


~ by Greg Vick on February 7, 2011.

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