Triathlon Training – Day 29

Today is Day 29 of my Triathlon Training Program.  The triathlon is scheduled for the middle of May, and I’m working on ensuring that I am as prepared for it as I can be.  It will be interesting, and I feel comfortable with all areas except the swimming.  But I am working on that, and I figure that I will be better off than I would have been.

Cycling (AM) – Today was a 25 mile bike ride.  The main goal of the training today was to maintain my cadence at 90 rpms.  I made sure that I did not go below the 90, and I tried to keep it to a max of 92 or 93 so that I could maintain my rhythm while cycling.

My overall diet has been about the same, with the exception of Valentine’s Day in which I ate a non-standard meal (by that I mean one in which I did not worry about my caloric intake).  I eat 3 meals around 400 to 500 calories, and then I eat another 3 to 4 small, healthy snacks.  I try to keep my caloric intake at or below 2400 calories per day.  This seems to be the right amount of calories that I need to take in per day so that I can maintain my weight and still have enough energy to perform my exercises.

My package from Rudy Project is supposed to arrive this week … I hope.  I’m pretty excited about that and I can’t wait to see all of the fun stuff that is in my package.  YAHOO!!  I also can’t wait to try out my new helmet, and my sun glasses for my bike … Saturday.


~ by Greg Vick on February 16, 2011.

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