Triathlon Training – Day 32

Day 32 of my Triathlon training program and all is going well.  Today was a bike ride …

Bike Ride (AM) – 37 mile bike ride.  Worked on maintaining my cadence at 90 rpms, however, I did not do a very good job.  Average was 77 rpms.  I need to work on that more and it is something that I can address while riding my indoor trainer.

My indoor trainer will come in so handy.  Every time I hit the street for a bike ride I am in fear that something will happen and I will get hit or killed by a motorist.  Today I was riding out in the country, and I thought that that I was in a safe place when I was “buzzed” by a semi truck.  Not only did he buzz me, but he came up behind me and blew his horn twice.  Needless to say, that scared the crap out of me.  What was sad was that about 3 miles from where this happened there was a memorial on the side of the road for a cyclist that was killed.  I love to ride, and I see more and more people riding … but I wonder every day just how safe it really is.

~ by Greg Vick on February 19, 2011.

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