Triathlon Training – Day 36

Today was Day 36 of my Triathlon Training Program.  I had to make up for yesterday, and I was able to get in two sessions today.  I rode the indoor trainer in the morning, and I was able to get in a swim in the afternoon.  So it all worked out, and I feel great.

Indoor Cycle Trainer (AM) – I started out with 10 minutes of warm up maintaining my cadence at 90 rpms.  Then I did 10 sets of 90 second intervals.  What I did to increase the intensity was to gear up every 30 seconds.  Once the 90 seconds was completed I geared back down three times, and did a 90 second recovery.  I did this for 10 sets, which is 30 minutes.  I then did 10 minutes of cool-down.  My average cadence for the entire time was 88 rpms, which is the best average so far.

Swimming (PM) – I worked on my kick and my stroke.  My goal was do sets of 100 meters, which I did for a total of 1800 meters.  I did a combination of fins and paddles, just fins (kick only), fins and no paddles, paddles and no fins, and no paddles and no fins.  It was a great workout, and my swim is getting stronger.

~ by Greg Vick on February 23, 2011.

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