Triathlon Training – Day 46

Today was a brick workout.  I want to get in a few of these, and I hope that next weekend I will get in a brick in my new trisuit.  I ended up buying the 2XU 2011 Men’s Compression Trisuit.  Here is the description:

The 2XU Men’s Compression Trisuit comes to you from one of the triathlon industry leaders in active compression apparel. Utilizing 2XU’s powerful 70 D/CK fabric for increased power and durability, this new garment will arm the athlete with greater power output through less muscle oscillation plus increased blood flow to reduce lactic acid buildup. Also featuring ICE-X fabric, this amazing trisuit lowers body temps by up to five degrees fahrenheit which equals a big upturn in performance. A roomy rear pocket offers plenty of space for racing essentials and 2XU’s Long Distance tri chamois ensures all day comfort. Maybe you’ve raced in a trisuit. Maybe you’ve raced in compression shorts and a tri top. But you’ve never raced in a compression trisuit with ICE-X technology that carries the 2XU pedigree. And you will notice the difference.


  • ICE-X fabric: Main chest and back panel
  • 70D/CK Compression: Legs and side panels
  • LD Chamois
  • Front half zip
  • 1 large back pocket

    It sounds like a really great suit.  I will let you know how it fits, feels and works out.

  • Brick (PM) – Today was a brick workout.  I biked for 45 minutes.  I worked on maintaining my cadence at 90 rpms, and would increase the speed to 105 – 110 rpms for about 1 minute.  Then I would slow the cadence back down for 4 minutes to 90 rpms.  Once I finished with the bike, I jumped straight into the run.  As always, I needed to get my legs before I could really kick it into gear.  At the end of the 30 minute run, I did 3 acceleration strides for 30 seconds with a 30 second recovery. 

    ~ by Greg Vick on March 6, 2011.

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