Triathlon Training – Day 56 and 57

Yes, I’m late on entering in my blog on my training.  But yesterday I was whipped.  I started the TRX Performance Class, and it kicks my butt.  I was supposed to ride my bike in the afternoon, but all I could do was take a nap.  Anyway …

Day 56:

TRX Performance (Noon) – A one hour TRX Performance Class that is used to strengthen the core.

Bike (PM) – Was supposed to be a 25 mile bike ride, but I skipped it because I was so exhausted from the class.

Day 57:

Swim (AM) – 2500 meters.  I warmed up with 500 meters alternating between kicking, and full swim.  I then did 3 X 500 meters as hard as I could go.  I then did a cool-down doing the same thing that I did with my warm-up.

Run (PM) – I was supposed to do 10X400 intervals, but I decided to ride my bike.  I did a 12 mile ride, and I will run tomorrow am instead of taking the day off.


~ by Greg Vick on March 17, 2011.

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