Triathlon Training -Day 71, 72, 73 and 74

I know … I’m getting bad with this.  So here is another catch-up blog.

Day 71:

Swim (AM) – Did 1500 meters total swimming.  Warmed up with 200 meters of kicking, followed by 200 meters of full swimming (Fins and Paddles).  Then did a repeat of the previous 2 sets (kick and full swim).  Did 4 sets of 50 meters at Tri pace without any aids (no fins and no paddles). Then did 2 more sets of 200 meters, one kicking and one full swim.  Then did a cool down of 50 meters kicking, and 50 meters full swim.

Run (PM) – Ran for 35 minutes at race pace for the Cooper River Bridge Run.  I actually ran a little slower than what my average pace ended up being for the race.  But I ran 4.02 miles in the 35 minutes.

Day 72:

This was a rest day, however, I did take a 30 minute walk.  In addition, I participated in the Kids Day race with my son, and ran 1/4 mile with him.  It is worth it to spend time with my son.

Day 73:

Race Day – Completed the Cooper River Bridge Run, a 10K run, in 52:22.  That’s a new PR for me for a 10K.  I felt great during the run, with the exception of going up the bridge.  That really took some of the steam out of my run since that pace for just about a mile and a half was about 1:30 slower than my pace on the flat areas of the course.  Running up hill really puts a strain on my knees.

Day 74:

Walk (PM) – Today is a recovery day.  I’m going to walk for 60 minutes today just to make sure that my joints don’t get too stiff.  But no running, biking or swimming today.

Tomorrow I will get back into my regular Triathlon Training Plan.

~ by Greg Vick on April 3, 2011.

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