Seattle Rock-n-Roll Marathon

Well, I did it … Completed another marathon.  And this one was a lot better than the last.  Not only did I improve my time by 45 minutes, but I had a huge break through as well … At least from a mental aspect.

Running a marathon is a huge drain mentally.  Physically, I knew that I was in good shape, and that I was as prepared as I could have been to do the run.  However, from a mental aspect … that is a different story.

When I ran my first half marathon, I let my mind take over and it won.  I stopped and walked, and I could not get going again.  My second half marathon, I stopped again … But this time I was around mile 10, and I walked/ran for the remaining miles.  But my mind won, and again I let it beat me.  My third half marathon was a different story … I pushed myself, and I completed the entire race without stopping.  As a result, I had my best time, and felt pretty good.

I knew that a marathon would be a lot harder to break through.  My first marathon I, again, let my mind take over, and I stopped and walked.  I tried to run, but I could not.  My mind had won, and no matter how much I wanted to run, my mind would not let me.

Well, I had a chance to redeem myself this past weekend, and I did.  Seattle was a pretty tough course.  There were a lot of hills, and there were plenty of opportunities for me to take the easy way out … I could have stopped and walked at any time.  But I pushed through.  In fact, I told myself that I was not going to stop, and that I was going to keep pushing myself. 

Granted, there were probably a few spots where I know that I was not going very fast, but I kept pushing myself.  It was funny, but from mile 24 to 25 it was uphill, and I knew that once I got to the 25 mile mark that I would be able to push myself to the finish.  So from mile 18 on, I pushed myself and I told myself that I would not stop and that I could not quit.  And I didn’t …

So for me, this was a huge mental break through because I know that I can now do it … I can run a marathon, 26.2 miles … I am a Marathon Man.


~ by Greg Vick on June 28, 2011.

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