Another tragedy …

Today, there was another cyclist that was killed while riding their bike.  Right now, the circumstance are unknown as to what happened, so I will not make any judgement on the situation at the moment.

Like I said, I will reserve judgement on what actually happened, and likely we will never know.  

Anyway, what scares me the most is that I have ridden my bike over that bridge on numerous occasions.  It’s one of the few areas in which you can ride a bike, and have a shoulder that you can ride on so that you feel somewhat safe.

People fail to realize that cyclist have just as much right to ride their bikes on the road as a car.  And at least this individual was on the shoulder!!  If the road is not intended to have cyclist, pedestrians, etc on it, then it needs to be stated as such.  For example, if I was to ride my bike on the Interstate I know that I would be arrested.  Why?  Because they have signage that state that it is illegal to ride a bike, walk, or use a motorized vehicle less than 5 horsepower on these roads.  Unless it states that it is not allowed, then people in cars need to share the road with cyclist.

There is also a federal law that is “supposed” to help states ensure that they become bicycle/pedestrian friendly.  This would include creation of a bike lane, pedestrian cross walks, etc.  We are looking for ways to create job, so why not create some jobs this way by restriping roads, adding signage, etc so that people will learn to “share the road.”

A lot of states have a law that they call the “3 foot” law.  That is a law in which cars are supposed to give a cyclist 3 feet when they pass them.  Of course, this law is only as good as any tickets that are issued, and if the individuals of the state are aware of the law.  If you make a law, and no one knows about it, then what good is that law.  But I don’t understand why South Carolina does not have that law on the books?  It’s simple, and it’s something that can be done.

And finally …  In my opinion, individuals who drive today are too distracted and are not paying attention to what they are doing on the road.  Put down the cell phone … Don’t text … Don’t talk on the phone … Pay attention to your driving.  Why is not illegal in the State of South Carolina, or any state for that matter.  Drivers should not be talking on their cell phone and driving!  They should not be texting and driving! 

And the police don’t even need to issue a fine when they pull a driver over who is talking on their cell phone, or texting … All they need to do is to take the cell phone out of the drivers hands, and smash the damn thing all over the road.  Then once it is completely disabled, they can give it back to the driver and tell then to have a great day! 

At any rate, it’s a tragedy that this individual had to lose their life, and the driver, more than likely lost their life as well.  All I’m saying is to please pay attention to the road while you are driving.  I’m sure that phone call, or that text, etc can wait …

~ by Greg Vick on July 5, 2011.

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