Day #1 of the “modified” Perfect 10

As some of you know who have been following my blog, I’ve had numerous injuries over the past couple of years. I’ve had shoulder reconstruction surgery in April of 2010, then a metatarsal stress fracture, followed by planter’s fasciitis, and finally knee surgery in November of 2011. But I’m not giving up.  Instead, I’ve modified my training with the help of Bart Yasso.

Bart has a program call the Perfect 10.  This running plan is detailed in his book “My Life on the Run.”   It’s really for the older athlete who can’t do the 7 day cycle with three quality workouts, 3 other run workouts, and a day of rest.  The recovery time is not long enough for the older athlete.  As a result, we end up getting injured.  I’m a great example of that.  I can’t do the same workout that Ryan Hall, Josh Cox, Andy Potts, Hunter Kemper, etc can do.  I tried, and I injured myself.

Anyway, what the “Perfect 10” does is that it increases the cycle to 10 days but still keeps the three quality workouts. Now this is fine for running, but how do you apply this to a triathlon?

Well, you still keep the 10 day cycle, and you still do 3 quality workouts, but for each discipline. What this means is that you are doing 9 quality workouts, but they are in the 3 different disciplines. So I have 3 quality swim workouts, 3 quality bike workouts, and 3 quality run workouts, with 1 rest day.   There are no wasted workouts. And if I need to take an extra rest day, then I take an extra rest day.  I also add in TRX training on Monday and Thursday (lower body) and Tuesday and Friday (upper body).

The 10 day cycle looks like this (less the TRX):

Day 1 – Swim

Day 2- Run

Day 3 – Bike

Day 4 – Swim

Day 5 – Run

Day 6 – Bike

Day 7 – Swim

Day 8 – Bike

Day 9 – Run

Day 10 – Rest

Since today was the first day of the workout (which by the way I had to skip because I’m coming down with a cold), today’s workout would have been a swim. The swim workout that was planned is as follows:

Warm Up:

300 swim

200 kick

200 swim

12×25’s w/ :10 ri

Main Set:

4 x (200 mod w/ :20 ri, 2 x 75 w/ :15 ri)

:30 bonus rest

Kick 100 easy, 200 mod, 100 easy

Cool Down:

100 swim

~ by Greg Vick on January 23, 2012.

4 Responses to “Day #1 of the “modified” Perfect 10”

  1. You’re most certainly a trooper following all that!! I don’t know if I could stop either…


    • Thanks a million. I love it. And as George McGough once said, “I appreciate the art and science of running, but more than a sport it’s part of my life. It helps me live better.”

  2. Hi Vic. I’ve recently started gyming, I’m 23, I’m about 6ft 1in, I weigh about 90kgs but I look fairly slim, in other words, I’m heavier than my appearance, I was very active while still at school, playing a lot of contact sports as well as cricket and athletics. I got very out of shape since and now I’ve decided to get buff. I’ve been going well for about 2months now and I have seen a few small changes. What worries me is that I’ve gotten a lot weaker than I expected in my upper body so I’ve been pushing pretty hard at the gym. That means I’m trying to go AT LEAST 4 times a week. I do do a little power training in between normal sets and reps, my endurance seems quite good, I mean, I can go at it pretty damn hard and when I leave the gym I always feel like I should have stayed a little longer. I’m worried that if I try your method, I’ll feel like that everyday… The workouts just seem to be over too quickly… Any advice? And is it a problem if I do strength training more than 3 times a week?

    • I do strength training 4 times a week. I use the TRX suspension system, but only because I really messed up my joints lifting very heavy weights when I was younger. The routine that you choose depends on what you want to accomplish. My routine is pretty intense. I might only have an hour workout, but it’s an intense workout. Day #1 and #2 as an example. They were pretty intense. You won’t feel like you are missing anything. If you want to do a triathlon, and you either get injured pretty easy, have injuries, or are older, then this is a pretty good routine. If you want something more intense, there are a lot of routines out there that are on a 7 day cycle verses 10. But they typically have some two a day workouts. But I don’t think it is an issue if you strength train more than three times a week. Like I said, I do 4 … Mon, Tue, Thur and Fri.

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