Day 5 – Modified “Perfect 10”

Well, another day, and another rest/recovery day for me.  Still not feeling good.  Guess that the strep throat takes a whole lot more out than you would like.  I really hate being sick since today is one of my favorite workout days.  There is nothing like going to a track and running intervals.  Even though I did not run track in high school, I was on the track team (shot put and discus), all members of the team had to run around the track.  And this is one of those workouts that bring back those memories.

Anyway, the workout today would be the following:

800 meter warm up at a recovery pace (typically about 2:00 slower than your MP)

6 X 800s with 400 at recovery pace between sets (aka, Yasso 800s)

800 meter cool down at recovery pace

Your 800s should be as fast as you can run but you need to maintain around the same time for each of the 800s (+/- 2 seconds).  So you run hard, but you need to run these 800s as close to the same pace as possible.  Make sense?

Anyway, this is a fun workout, and it is always fun to go back and hit that local high school track …

~ by Greg Vick on January 27, 2012.

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