Day 6 – Modified “Perfect 10” Triathon Training

Much like yesterday, today was supposed to be another day in my schedule for Triathlon training.  However, I’m still on the sick side, and as we know it’s not good to go out and run your down when you are already down.  You will never get better unless you allow your body to rest.  So rest is what it is …

I can say that I did enjoy the morning with the kids.  We went to the park to play.  And I make sure that I did not overdo it, and I wore a jacket.  But it was a nice morning.

Anyway, my schedule today would have been a bike ride.  The ride length would have been about 90 minutes in length, and it could have been done on the trainer or outside.  The choice is yours.  So here is the workout:

15 min warm up @ 90 rpm

10 min @ 100%

10 min spin @ 90 rpm

10 min @ 90%

10 min spin @ 90 rpm

10 min @ 80%

10 min spin @ 90 rpm

15 min cool down

The 100%, 90% and 80% is what you would do for a race.  So 100% would be 100% of your race pace.  90% would be 90% of your race pace, etc.  You really want to do what you would do in a race for those times.  It’s not that hard since it’s only 10 min segments.  But I really like to get my heart rate up so that I know that I’m pushing it pretty hard.  A spin is easy gear, and maintaining the 90 rpm for the duration.  Again, not hard and it is for recovery purposes.


~ by Greg Vick on January 28, 2012.

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