Day 8 – Modified Perfect 10 Triathlon Training

Well, today is the last day of my antibiotic that I have been taking for my strep throat.  So tomorrow I will get back into the groove.  However, I will be taking it easy, and not pushing it too hard.  What I will do is to take it easy, and see if I can get in some exercise without going overboard.

Today would have been a swim endurance day.  These are fun, but they are exhausting.  The purpose of the endurance workout is to emphasize aerobic work.  They are also designed to work in your heart rate zone.  This is tricky since I haven’t found a heart rate monitor that works in the water yet.  So I have to guess by how hard that I am pushing myself.  By these are typically in zones 1 – 3.

Zone 1 – Your breathing is hardly noticeable (easy)

Zone 2 – Your breathing is slightly strained

Zone 3 – Your breathing is starting to get a little harder (almost moderate)

So here is the swim workout for today:

Warm-Up: 800 meters of your choice (I like to do drills like kick, fins, paddles, etc)

Main Set:

3 x 300 Descending Zone 1 – 3  :40 rest interval

100 kick

3 X 200 Descending Zone 1 – 3 :30 rest interval

100 kick

3 X 100 Descending Zone 1 – 3  :20 rest interval

Cool Down: 100 easy swim

~ by Greg Vick on January 30, 2012.

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