Day 6 – Triathlon Training Program

Today is the 6th day of my training program, and I tried something that I have never tried before … Yoga.  And guess what, it’s pretty tough, and I’m not very flexible at all.  In fact, it was pretty hard for me to do a lot of the moves since my knee is so stiff, and I’m so stiff.

Anyway, my workout consisted of a run, and Yoga.

For the run, I did a 10 minute warm-up keeping my heart rate in Zone 1.  Then I did the following drills for 5 minutes:  I did each drill for a minute, and then I did a 15 second recovery walk between each drill.  Once that was over, I jogged for 50 minutes, making sure that I maintained my heart rate in Zone 2.  A few times, I had to keep my man-go, aka ego, in check and slow my speed back down.  But I did manage, for the most part, to keep my heart rate in that zone.  I think I hit a max of 147 which is 3 beats over Zone 2 before I got my heart rate back down within range.  Once the 50 minutes was completed.  I walked for about 15 minutes, then did a few stretches.

For the second part of my workout, I did Yoga.  Like I said, it’s a lot harder than you may think.  Its’ best to do it for an hour, but you should do at least 30 minutes.  Here is a good video in case you can’t get to a Yoga studio.

Overall, the workout is coming along pretty good.  I’m supposed to do TRX today, but I will put it off until tomorrow.  I’m pretty exhausted, and I know that it’s not a good idea to push it.  So I will do my strength training tomorrow …

~ by Greg Vick on February 7, 2012.

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