Day 7 and Day 8 – Triathlon Training Program

Day 7 – Today was a rest day.  I tried to rest completely, but I wanted to get in a TRX training session.  So I did an upper body strength training session (Functional Strength Training, Strength Workout #2).  I really enjoy the TRX Suspension system because of its simplicity, and the intensity that it provides in a workout.  Plus, you not only get a free book with exercises in it, but you also get a DVD and some free training sessions as well.  Me?  I like the training that is provided in the book (TRX Military Fitness Guide) since it is a slow progression that allows you to increase resistance slowly.

Day 8

Workout #1 – Swim (Long Aerobic Intervals)


200 easy swim, recovery :30

100 kick, recovery :30

200 drill (catch-up drill), recovery :30

100 kick, recovery 1:00

Main Set:

300 swim, recovery :30

300 pull, recovery :30

300 pull with paddles, recovery :30

300 swim, recovery :30


4 x 50 – 25 drill (high elbow)/25 swim, recovery :30

Workout #2 – TRX

TRX Functional Strength Training, Strength Workout #1

~ by Greg Vick on February 9, 2012.

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