Day 9 and 10 – Triathlon Training Program

Well, I’m getting a chance to get caught up on my training schedule.  It’s been a rough couple of days.  I just have to say one more time that Yoga is hard.  If anyone thinks that it’s easy, then just go ahead and try it.  I have no flexibility whatsoever, and I know that this will be something that really helps me out.

Anyway, Day 9 was a run and Yoga day.  I started out with a morning run, and then did Yoga in the evening.  Here is the break down of my workouts.

Workout #1 – Drills and Running

I started out doing a 10 minute warm-up.  For my warm-up I only walked for 10 minutes slowly increasing my speed.  After that 10 minutes was over, I performed Lauren’s Drills from the video (  I did each drill for 40 seconds, and then recovered for 20 seconds.  Once that was over, I jogged for 55 minutes keeping my heart rate in Zone 2.  Once I completed that, I then walked for 15 minutes as a cool down.  I also started out the run well hydrated, but I did not carry any water on my run.

Workout #2 – Yoga

For this workout, I did Yoga.  Since I’m a beginner, I’m only doing beginner type movements.  But if you are more experienced, or more flexible, then go ahead and step it up.  It’s not going to hurt … In fact, it will only help you more in the long run.  This is something that I wished that I would have been doing a long time ago …

Day 10 is an interesting day.  If you have to do certain drills on your bike you do not want to do outside (such as the single leg drill).  So that leaves you spending the time on an indoor trainer.  But the hard part about this is that it is so hard to sit and ride a trainer for 2 hours.  It is the most boring thing you can do.  But it’s a necessary evil.  With that said, here is my workout for today …

Workout #1 – Pilates

The first part of my workout consisted of doing some Pilates as a warm-up.  I’m getting much better with these, but I do need to work on my breathing.  For some reason I just can’t get my breathing right for the movements.  Anyway, this is a very each workout, and will only take you about 7 minutes to perform.  Again, this is a beginner’s video, but it is a good warm-up.

Workout #2 – Indoor Trainer

Start out with a 25 minute warm-up.  Keep it in the small gear, and slowly build up to 90 rpms.  Once you have complete that, then it is time to perform your 1-leg drills.  Do a 1-leg drill with your right leg trying to keep the movement smooth, and your rpms right around 85.  Do this for 30 seconds.  Then recover for 30 seconds with both legs.  Then do the same drill with your left leg for 30 seconds.  Then spin with both legs for 1 minute and 30 seconds.  Do this for a total of 3 sets.  Once that is done, it is time to get into the heart rate portion of the training.  Do 4 x 12:00 in heart rate Zone 2 … no higher.  At the end of each 12:00 interval, stay in same gear but go out of saddle for 30 seconds.  Work on keeping the movement smooth.  Spin easy for 3 minutes before beginning the next interval.  Once you complete that, then ride in the small gear trying to maintain 90 rpms until you reach 2 hours.

Enjoy …

~ by Greg Vick on February 11, 2012.

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