Day 11 – Triathlon Training Program

Today was a great training day. Running on HR Zone 2, I feel like I can run forever. It’s amazing how much better you feel when you run within yourself, and you don’t run outside of your zone. Granted my zone isn’t the same as the zone of a professional, but I have a zone nonetheless. And HR Zone 2 running is that zone … I feel good. I don’t feel like I’m over stressed. And I have a ton of energy left to do other things. Plus, I notice that I’m getting faster in that Zone. When I first started, my Zone 2 pace was much slower. And today it was much faster … In fact, my Zone 2 Pace has picked up almost 60 seconds in the past 3 weeks.

I know that you are thinking wow … that’s amazing!! Can I expect the same results? I don’t know if you can, but remember … I’m coming back from an injury in which I have been unable to run since October. I have, however, been keeping myself fit by doing the elliptical, riding my bike and swimming. So even though I may have lost a lot of fitness, I think that post-injury routine is allowing me to make a much quicker comeback, than it would if I did nothing. So even though I’m seeing great results, I would think that I could expect that. Anyway, I’m hoping that if I keep this up that I will be back to running my pre-injury pace in the next few months … Only time will tell.

So my workout today was, as you may have guessed a run. I ran in Zone 2 for 1:10 … Granted, I exceeded the HR Zone a few times, but I slowed my pace to get back into that zone. I think I was right at 149 for a max during the run.

At the end of the run, I did four sets of striders. Unfortunately, I did them wrong, so I will tell you the correct way to do the striders so that you don’t make the same mistake that I made.

When you do a strider, you should do them for 30 seconds. And what you need to do is to cool down to Zone 1 before you think about starting your next strider. In my case, I should slow down to a walk, and get my HR down in the next 3 to 4 minutes to Zone 1 before I start my next strider. That is the proper way to do a strider. I did not do that … I let my HR get down to Zone 2 before I started my next one. NOT CORRECT … Let your HR get down to your Zone 1 before you begin your next strider.

With that being said, later on tonight, I’m going to make an announcement. I’m going to be doing RnR Pasadena 1/2 Marathon next weekend, and I would like to try and raise a few dollars for the Wounded Warriors. I will explain more in my next blog … so keep in touch.


~ by Greg Vick on February 12, 2012.

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