Day 16 – Triathlon Training Program

Here it is Friday, and I’m in Pasadena, CA getting ready to run the Rock n Roll Pasadena Half Marathon.  I’m really excited since I’m doing this run for the Wounded Warriors Project.  It’s going to be strange starting at the very end of the run, and being the last one to cross the start line.  Prior to my injury in November, I would have been up in the front corral.  In fact, for this race I was supposed to start in Corral #1.  So it’s going to be really strange starting at the back of the pack.  But then again, that’s where all of the fun people are.

We all know that those of us up at the front are the serious runners.  And once you get to the last two or three corrals that is where the real party people are.  So it will be fun … And I can’t wait for Sunday.

Anyway, today was a Zone 2 Heart Rate run.  I really like these runs since they allow me to keep my breathing and my form under control as I run.

The run starts out with a 10 minute warm-up.  For today’s warm-up I jogged for 10 minutes (it was a little cool outside this am in Pasadena).  Once I completed the jog, I then did 3 sets of each drill in the following video:  The idea of the drills are to work on the form.  So I do each drill slowly and under control.  I do the drill for 40 seconds, then do a 20 second recovery before I start the next one.  I concentrate on these drills and then I try to carry it over to the run.  At any rate, the total time for the drill is about 15 minutes.

Once I complete the drill, I then start jogging again getting my heart rate up into Zone 2.  I maintain this zone for 55 minutes.  After 55 minutes, I then walk for 10 minutes, and then do some stretching.

One thing that I did notice was that my HR really increased on the uphills as I was running around Pasadena (which by the way I got lost and had to ask for directions back to the hotel).  Anyway, I had to slow down my pace on the uphills, but I was able to increase my pace on the downhill and not exceed my Zone 2 HR.  It made the run interesting since I had to speed up and slow down as I was doing the run to maintain my HR in Zone 2.

~ by Greg Vick on February 17, 2012.

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