Day 23 and 24 – Triathlon Training Program

Some days are rougher than others.  Are you one of those who have allergies?  This is weird so far since it’s still technically Winter, but my car is covered with yellow pollen.  Needless to say, it makes my breathing a whole lot more difficult, and today’s bike ride was a perfect example of that … Anyway, here is my training for Friday and Saturday.

Day 23 – Swim and Run

Workout #1 – Swim

Warm-up: 400 Free, then 400 choice.

Main Set:
Pulling 6×200 Progress in speed #1-3, 4-6. (10″)’
Kicking 4×50 on 1:15
3 x 300 Progress in speed #1-3 (15″)
8 x 25 FAST! on 40 second interval.

Cool down: 400 easy

Workout #2 – Run

Run for 10:00 to warmup a bit before doing drills.  Do each of the following drills 3 or 4 times each until you complete 15 minutes ( ).  Then run for 40:00-55:00 minutes in your Zone 2.  Once you complete the run, then do some light stretching.

Day 24 – Bike

Ride 25:00 to warm up, easy pedaling, relaxed shoulders in the small gear (I use my road bike). Then 3 x 30:00 in a low to mid zone 2 HR. Keep this VERY aerobic. Then do an easy spin for a few minutes between each 30:00 (about 5 minutes).  Use this spin time to get in some fluids and some calories.  Goal is ensure tha you get in about 250 calories per hour – in liquid, gels or whatever works.  Also, make sure that you have a bottle of plain water.  You will want to drink this by the end of the ride as well …


~ by Greg Vick on February 25, 2012.

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