Triathlon Training – Day 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29

Wow … This is going to be short and sweet since this is a huge catch-up blog.  So I will get right to the workouts that I have no entered into the blog.  I will do better … I promise.

Day 25 – Run and Yoga

Workout #1 – Run

Today you need to warm-up with a slow jog for 15 minutes before you execute the drill.  This drill needs to be done where the asphalt is flat, or someplace where your footing can be firm. no slants in grade or loose gravel.  After the warm up you need to do 2 x 1-leg hops for 7 seconds each. Switch legs after 7 sec round so you’re doing 4 hops total, 2 for each leg.  NO MORE than 7 seconds per leg, and NO MORE than 4 hops total.  Doing too much of this sort of work without strong connective tissue can hurt/tear your Achilles – so use caution and do not jump for longer than 7 seconds. Jump as if you’re jumping rope and concentrate on the quick hopping feeling and springing off your forefoot – try to feel how your foot lands and springs. This is the feeling of efficient running. When you’re done with the jump rope drill, resume running and shoot for 1:45 total … That includes warm-up, hops, and continuation run.  Try to continue your run to mimic the form you just worked on with the hops. Quick landing and springing off forefoot.  Keep all HR’s under zone 3.

Workout #2 – Yoga

Do Yoga for 30 minutes to 1 hour.  Focus on your form.

Day 26 – Swim

While today is somewhat advanced drill, it’s important to always work towards the ideal. So today, you will work on turnover which is how quickly your arms are pulling through the water.  You absolutely want DPS when you swim (DPS = distance per stroke) but people make the constant mistake of thinking a lowered stroke count is the GOAL of swimming. It most certainly is not the goal. You do NOT want to be spinning your arms out of control with no generated POWER pulling you through, that is true. But most folks try to lower their stroke count and therefore forcing a stronger pull (which IS GOOD!!) but never bring this philosophy to the GOAL. What is the goal? A strong pull with a fast turnover. You must have both – not one, but both.

The following video is great for illustrating the needed catch in the stroke, and bringing in the fast turnover. Do a 200-400 warmup, whatever you feel you need, and then work on the fast drills from the video:—above-speed-catch.html—above-speed-catch.html

This should be very difficult not just in intensity (how hard you are working) but in doing it correctly. Be patient with yourself – you will likely not get this perfectly the first time. Watch the video over and over, especially after you attempt to do the head up and head down drills.

After this, swim for 500-1000 meters per your fatigue and available time.

Day 27 – Bike/Run

Workout #1 – Bike

Upper Body Relaxation is one area that is often overlooked.  In attempts to become a more efficient cyclist is in the use of the muscles other than those that are used to actually propel the bike. Any unnecessary or unproductive muscle tension or motion consumes energy (that includes flipping off motorists). If you can learn to keep your hands, arms, and shoulders loose and relaxed then you will reduce their energy consumption, and you’ll reduce the likelihood of developing aches and pains in your neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. Practice relaxing your grip on the handlebars, keeping your elbows slightly bent, and your shoulders dropped and relaxed and you’ll be on your way to becoming more efficient and more comfortable. You’ll probably have to keep reminding yourself to do this for a while before it becomes a habit. You can use the mantra “just relax” while you ride.  Even though it may sound silly to have a workout with ‘relaxation’ as the goal, it is harder than it sounds. Ride for 40 minutes keeping your body relaxed.  Keep it in the small gear.

Workout #2 – Run

Run No monitor today – just run for enjoyment. Goal for today is 25:00.  This is your rest and recovery week, so keep it easy.

Day 28 – Yoga

I did 1 hour and 30 minutes of Hot Yoga.  Like I have previously said, if you think that Yoga is easy and for “women” only … Give it a shot and let me know what you think.  Remember that flexibility is key for Triathlon training so that you do not get injured.

Day 29 – Rest Day

Today is a complete rest day.  Just kick back, take it easy, and don’t do anything crazy today.  Rest and recovery is just as important as exercise.  Remember: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Oh … I did sign up for the Revolution 3 Florida event the 28th of October, which by the way all of this training is for.  I know what you’re thinking … why so far out?  I know that building a base, and correcting your form will help you with your training later on.  And also, since I have had numerous injuries, this type of training is great to keep me in check and help me stay injury free.


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