Triathlon Training – Day 30

Well, I’m one month into my new triathlon training program, and I can already tell that I have made some progress.  Since I’m in the base building phase, I’m doing a lot of work in my heart rate (HR) Zone 2.  I have done a few things in Zone 3, but for the most part the majority of the run and bike work have been in Zone 2.  I have also worked on a lot of drills with my swimming.  Most of the drills have focused on making the proper stroke.  I know that has been an issue, as well as my kick.

Another area has been my flexibility.  I have no flexibility whatsoever, so there is an increased emphasis on this area.  This will help me out in the long run because it will help keep me injury free.  So Yoga has been added into my training schedule.  I’m also doing a few Pilates moves, but have yet to take a Pilates class.  I know that Yoga kicks my butt, I can only imagine what Pilates does.

Anyway … Here is my training for today:

Day 30 – Run/Yoga

Workout #1 – Run

Today is another easy day.  No heart rate monitor, just a watch.  Run for 45 minutes easy.  Again … Don’t run hard.  Just run easy for 45 minutes.

Workout #2 – Yoga

You can do any type of Yoga, just do it for 30 minutes to an hour.  I did Hot Yoga and the class was 90 minutes in length.  It’s a very exhausting Yoga so make sure that you drink plenty of fluid prior to the class, and have a bottle of water handy during the class.  Also, you should not eat 3 hours prior to the start of the class.

~ by Greg Vick on March 2, 2012.

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