Triathlon Training – Day 31

Today is the 6th day in my recovery week for my new training program.  Since it is a recovery week, there is still a lot of work, but there is no real tracking of information … Just the total time.  Today’s workout is a fun bike ride and a recovery swim.  The details of the workout are as follows:

Workout #1 – Bike

Enjoy a fun ride today.  You can practice each of the drills that you have been working on, or you can ride with friends.  No monitor today, just ride. You should ride for a minimum of 45 minutes. If you are feeling great and want to ride more, ride up to 2 hours.  It just depends on what you are doing.

I did the drills, so I rode for 45 minutes on the indoor trainer.  Remember, if you are doing the drills you should ride on a trainer and not ride outside since you want to be safe.

Workout #2 – Swim

30 minute swim today … Just set your watch and go.

Have fun!!

~ by Greg Vick on March 3, 2012.

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