Triathlon Training – Day 32, 33 and 34

I hate doing this to my followers since I know that it is probably a whole lot easier to read a daily post than to play catch-up on a few days training.  So again, I apologize for being lazy … I will try to do better.

I have to say a few things, first Hot Yoga is tough.  It’s really hard, and I do hope that it is helping my flexibility and will help me be injury free.  I also have to say that I just love my Garmin 910XT.  This is the most awesome watch that I have ever used.  I really love the pool feature so that it allows me to keep track of my pool work.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t keep track of how many laps that I have done.  Well, this watch does that for me, and it takes a second to look at the watch to see how many laps I have done.  Needless to say, I love it!!

Well, let me get into the training since I have to play catch-up on three days worth of working out:

Day 32 – Hike/Walk

I’d like you to consider a hike today – ideally a woodsy, hilly terrain trail if you have access to something like that. Most people (triathletes) laugh at ‘walkers’ but do not be mislead. On a steep enough hill this can actually develop muscles more effectively than running due to the increased range of hip movement. Your stride is longer. If you are not enjoying the walking part without the hills (and a fast walk IS great for you – minimal impact but great cardio!!) you can easy jog the straights and downhills, but plan to fast walk the hills. Work on increasing your range of potion and developing greater hip strength.  If you don’t have a hilly area to walk, then use the treadmill.  Just vary the incline from 2% to 12% and walk.  You’d be surprised what you can get your HR up to by walking for 2 or 3 minutes at 10% incline … It works.

Day 33 – Swim and Yoga

Workout #1 – Swim

Warm-up: 300 free

Main Set:

10×50 on 10 sec rest. Odds 25 free/25 stroke, Evens 25 kick/25 free.
6×150, descending 1-3, 4-6 on descending interval so last one within set of 3 is hard.
300 pull/paddles moderate on 15 sec rest
8×75 on 10 sec rest: Odds 25 hard/50 easy, Evens 50 easy/25 hard.

Cool-down: 200 free

Workout #2 – Yoga

Do yoga for a minimum of 30 minutes.  I’ve been doing Hot Yoga, and the class is 90 minutes in length.

Day 34 – Indoor Trainer (Drills)

Warm-up for 20 minutes. Alternate legs – increase the duration, cadence, and then the resistance relative to last week. Do 1-leg drill for about 15 minutes (to include each leg).  Try to eliminate the “dead spots” at the bottom and top of the pedaling circle, and keep the pedaling motion as even and smooth as possible. Then ride for 2 x 10:00 in zone 2 (90 sec or so easy, drinking water, etc., between) —- try to feel a smoother, more complete pedal stroke amid this set. Then do 1-leg drills again for another 10 minutes. You may find this tougher now that your leg strength has weakened a bit. Focus on keeping the legs relaxed and smoothing out the transition from one direction of pedaling movement to another. Try doing 3-5 revolutions with one leg then alternate to the other leg.  Then do a cool-down with an easy spin until you have completed 1 hour and 15 minutes total time.


~ by Greg Vick on March 6, 2012.

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