Issue with Ironman Series

I have a huge issue with the whole Ironman series, and it’s the reason that I will never pay the monies to be in one of the events.  My issue is not with Lance Armstrong … So if you are hoping to see me bash the Ironman series for his suspension, you will not see that here.  In fact, I think that is the ONLY thing that I’m happy about with the whole organization.

My issue is with the number of races on the same day or the same weekend.  How are you supposed to determine whose the best, when you can have a watered down field?  If you have three 70.3 events on the same day on the weekend, and you only have a limited number of professionals, then how can you really determine whose the best in that event?  If I was a professional, I would look at the events and enter into the one that I stand the best chance of winning … Not the one in which I put myself up against the best.

Now I’m going to bash on Lance Armstrong … Not because he is a cheater … But because the events he won were watered down.  You want to be the best, you should find the field with the best and then race that event.  That goes for all of the professionals.  What if Muhammad Ali only boxed against weak boxers?  Would we still considered him the greatest ever?  No!!  Because he went against a weak field …

With that said, however, I’m not going to put all of the blame with the professionals …. The blame goes to the Ironman series.  All they care about is money … They don’t care about the strength of the field.  Everyone wants to race the event, because they think that the Ironman series is the shit!!  Well … I think the Ironman series is SHIT!

I’d much rather race in an event that is trying to do things to promote the event …. Promote the athletes … and make it a fun, family event.  For that reason I like the Revolution 3 Triathlon Series.  I like them because they are a family event … You can run across the finish line with your wife, son(s) and/or daughter(s) in tow.  Try that in the Ironman series … You can’t!!  They got your money … that’s all they care about.  And for that reason I won’t waste my money on the Ironman series.  I will however, support all of the other Triathlon organizations that promote the healthy and family friendly lifestyle!!

I’m not going to say anything at all about Lance, but if he is found guilty then he should be suspended forever, and he should have his titles stripped.  For those individuals who think that because he has “passed” over 500 tests that means that he is innocent and that there is a witch hunt … Sorry, but the ONLY reason that people get caught in the drug tests is because they have good Dr’s who can stay a step ahead of the testers.  One of the problems with the testing is that the testers are typically a few steps behind the ones who are finding new ways to cheat.  I have no sympathy for cheaters … And if it is true that he cheated, then I think a lifetime ban is in order.  The same goes for ANYONE who cheats … I decided to do triathlons because I feel that they are the most honest of the athletes out there.  And I hope that it stays that way …


~ by Greg Vick on July 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “Issue with Ironman Series”

  1. “I’m not going to say anything at all about Lance…” and then you write a paragraph about him.

    “All they care about is money…” they are a business and their goal is to turn a profit.

    They determine who is the best by having the championship races in Vegas and Kona.

    • Believe me … if you knew me, a paragraph is not saying anything at all.

      You can be a business, turn a profit, and still care about the individuals who participate in the events. It’s done by a lot of people …

      I disagee since all of the other series have their championships as well … Who is the real champion? Is it the person who wins the olympics? It could be …

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