Update on my progress …

Hello All!!  I know that it’s been a while since I have written, and for that I’m sorry.  I’ll try to get you all caught up without going into deep detail.  So here it is the catch-up …

I completed a 70.3 (Rev 3 Florida) in October.  It was actually less because the swim was cancelled due to the winds and the surf advisory from Sandy.  But I completed the bike and the run …

I think attempted a 50K.  It was the Northface Endurance Challenge in Kansas … And yes, I completed that.  By the way, it was two weeks after the 70.3.

Then I did a half marathon in Las Vegas.  It was the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon and it was very well run.  I really enjoyed it …

Then I took the month of December off.  Well, not completely off, but really scaled back my training.  Oh … And in September, I had a really bad bike accident and my right shoulder is still having issues …

So … In December I decided that I was going to revamp my training, and revamp my diet.  I started first with the training.  I decided that I was going to spend a majority of my time using the Maffetone method to do my training.  I learned, thanks to Lucho from Endurance Planet, that I need to focus ALL of my time in that HR zone.  Maffetone HR zone is obtained by the following method.  180 – age = Maffetone HR.  Then your zone is + 5 beats and – 5 beats from the HR.  For example:  180 – 40 = 140.  Your zone would be 135 to 145.  What’s interesting is that you need to spend ALL of your time in this zone for a period of 6 to 8 weeks to build your aerobic base.  I wasn’t doing that … So, about 2 weeks ago I decided that I was going to ONLY focus my training in that zone.  It’s slow … Very slow … But you have to go slow to become fast!

The next area that I looked at was my diet.  I was the traditional dieter in that I counted calories in and calories out.  But I was ALWAYS hungry and I was not losing any weight.  In fact, my weight stayed around the same no matter what I did.  UGH!!  I was frustrated … Then I happened to come across a podcast call “America’s Angriest Trainer” by Vinnie Tortorich.  I started listening to his podcast, and eventually downloaded and listened to all of them … a couple of times.  In addition, I “friended” him and started to follow him on Twitter.  I sent him a few tweets and a few messages because I needed some clarification.  Vinnie was very helpful, and he continues to be very helpful as I make this change …

What’s the change you ask?  It’s simple … No Sugar and No Grain!!  The whole idea behind the change in lifestyle is that you teach your body to become fat adaptive.  So I began the journey … 16 days ago.  I stopped cold turkey.  No sugars and no grains … no potatoes or root vegetables … no fruit with a high glycemic index (nothing over 50).  And the best part … NO CALORIE COUNTING!!  NONE!!  I have not tracked a single food item that I have eaten.  But I will tell you this much … I’ve dropped 16lbs in 16 days.  So, what’s my diet you ask?

Again … It’s no sugars and no grains.  But the grains section includes things like sweet potatoes, white/red potatoes, root vegetables, bananas, etc.  What does it include … all meats, cheeses (full fat), eggs, all type of veggies (exception are veggies that are over 50 in the glycemic index), and all fruits (exception are fruits that are over 50 in the glycemic index).  Please note … This is not Paleo or not Caveman.  It’s similar, but not the same.

Anyway, I think that this week is my crossover week … I figure that it will take me 3 weeks to complete the crossover and become fully fat adaptive.  I know that I have done a couple of half marathons (RnR Pasadena and RnR New Orleans) with no carbs loading (I did eat my veggies), and no sugary products (Gu, Gatorade, etc).  I’m not going to say it was easy since I’m still trying to tweak my pre-race diet … But I did it and I didn’t bonk.

I know this is a lot to digest … So the key points are as follows:  Training is now ONLY Maffetone, and diet is NO SUGARS AND NO GRAINS!!


~ by Greg Vick on February 26, 2013.

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