Daddy’s got a new pair of shoes …

Yesterday I broke out another pair of my shoes to break in for running.  And I got to thinking about what I do in order to get my shoes ready to take those first few runs in.  We all know that you just can’t jump into a brand new pair of shoes and go out and run a half marathon.  At least I know that I can’t.  I could, but then I’d have more blisters than I would be able to handle and wouldn’t be able to run for a very long time.  So I figured that I would write out how I break in my new shoes …

The first thing that I do when I take my shoes out of the box is that I loosen up the laces before I put them on.  I don’t like tight laces and that will only lead to pain on the top of my foot.  What I do then is that I wear the shoes, as normal walking shoes, for about a week.  That’s right.  I wear them every where I go, and I even wear them to work.  Granted, I’m probably the only one who will get dressed up for work and end up wearing running shoes, but that’s what I do.

After I wear them for a week, I’m ready to go out for a run.  Not a long run, but a short run.  When I say a short run, I mean something that’s an hour or less.  I’ve found that by getting in a run like that, that I’m able to see if there are any hot spots in my shoes.  By hot spots I mean areas in which the shoe rubs my feet in a way that I might get blisters.  If I don’t have those spots, then I’m ready for a longer run.

So after one week of walking in the shoes, then the second week of doing short runs, I’m ready for a long run.  So on that third week I take the shoes out for a long run of at least an hour and a half.  Once I complete that run, then my shoes are ready.

Pretty simple process, but this is what I have found that works for me.


~ by Greg Vick on June 4, 2013.

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