Refuel with Chocolate Milk? Really?

Have you ever watched Saturday Night Live and the “Really?” segment on Weekend Update with Tina Fey and Seth Meyers? Well, I feel that way when I see all of the adds, advertisements, etc. for the Refuel with Chocolate Milk campaign.

Really? Do you think that Mirinda Carfrae sits on her steps after a long run or a brick session and drinks chocolate milk? Really? Do you think that Hines Ward is drinking chocolate milk after his training sessions for his Iron Man? Really? Do you think that any of the Professional athletes drink chocolate milk after a workout? Really? Have you seen some of the people who “represent” chocolate milk? Really? No, really?

Before you decide to jump on the chocolate milk bandwagon, just remember that the study that is references was funded by the National Dairy Council and the sponsors of the “refuel” campaign are The National Milk Processor Promotion Board ( and Do you really think they’d say something bad about a product they are trying to market? Really? Even McDonald’s sponsors “races”, so maybe a Big Mac, fries and a Diet Coke would be a good recovery meal as well? It has carbs (including sugars), protein, and fat. It has 75 grams of carbs and 28 grams of protein. That’s a 3:1 ratio. Chocolate milk has a 3:1 ration of carbs to protein ( Wow!! Why drink chocolate milk when I can have a McDonald’s value meal?? I hope you know that I’m joking …

Chocolate milk is not all that it’s cracked up to be. Here is an article that talks about milk that I just read today. Of course the person who says it’s good represents the National Dairy Council. Again … Take what they say with a grain of salt. Do you think that Monsanto is going to say that GMOs are bad? I can’t wait to eat that engineered salmon. Remember pink slime? I wonder if the owner would fry up a pink slime burger and eat it? I bet not, yet he was saying that it was safe and that it was good. Really??

I completed the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon back in June. I’ve been no sugar and no grains (#NSNG) since the beginning of February. I was able to fuel the race with only water. I did have my pre-race breakfast (see previous blog on race). And even after I avoided the junk that was being handed out. You’re probably wondering what junk? Well, here is a video of all of the junk that was being handed out after the race:

I was in shock of the junk that was being handed out. Now, if you are a calorie in and calorie out person. Let’s add up the calories and sugar that could be taken in by a runner (if they only took one of each item). Gatorade = 200 calories and 21g sugar, chocolate milk = 180 calories and 30g sugar, Powerbar = 210 calories and 14g sugar, bagel = 245 calories and 6g sugar, banana = 121 calories and 17g of sugar, pretzels = 108 calories and 1g sugar, and Jamba Juice = 270 calories and 50g sugar. So a total of 1244 calories and 129g sugar. Now you’d burn about 1700 calories total for the race. So you’re still at a deficit of around 450+ calories. Now add in your before meal, and your after meals. I’m going to bet that you are way over. So if you wanted to lose weight using the calorie in and calorie out method by running … You didn’t!! Really? Yes, really!!!

Bottom line is that the professionals don’t eat the crap that they are trying to sell and feed you. These are highly trained individuals who watch their diet. They don’t eat all of this sugar. They don’t drink Gatorade, or chocolate milk. Promoting this junk is money in their pocket!! They eat real food such as grass fed beef and veggies. They don’t eat this processed junk.


~ by Greg Vick on July 2, 2013.

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