Cross Training

One of the things that I have learned is the importance of cross training.  As I get older (I’m now 51), my body can’t take the every day pounding that it used to.  I know that if I continue to pound it and pound it that I will end up with another injury.  So I know that I need to cross train.

There are a lot of things that I like to do to cross train.  I like yoga, using the TRX (for strength training), cycling, the ElliptiGo and my newest obsession … mountain biking.  I’ve never been mountain biking before, but since it’s something that I can do on the trails that I run on, why not!  So I went and bought me a 2014 Trek Fuel EX 8 29.  Granted, I have not been out on the trails yet (6 more weeks before that happens), but I have ridden it on oyster shell paths, on grass, etc and I’m in love.  It feels really good, and it ride so smooth.

Here is my bike …

Trek Mountain Bike

I know … Pretty sweet!!  Anyway, like I said I know that I need to cross train, so today was 30 minutes on the mountain bike riding the oyster shell path and also through some grassy areas.  Total time was 45 minutes, but there was a warm up and a cool down before the actual workout began.  It felt pretty darn good to be out there, and since it was pretty hot (91 degrees), I knew that I’d get a good little workout in.

Today for food is a little different than normal.  I had three eggs and country ham for breakfast.  Not sure what I will have for lunch yet, but I know that I will have rib eye steak, just like loaded baked potato (cauliflower), and bacon broccoli.  I’m not real hungry for lunch, so I may just have some fruit or something to eat.  If I’m not hungry, I’m not going to push it.

As far as being an older athlete, one of the best blog posts that I ever read was one by Joe Friel.  He wrote a whole series on aging that you can find starting in June 2013 on his blog (  It was by far one of the best series that I have ever read on aging and the older athlete.  Needless to say, I will be putting a lot of this into use as I begin to ramp up my training to conquer my first 100 mile trail race.

I hope you are enjoying and I will write more tomorrow.






~ by Greg Vick on August 13, 2014.

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