Triathlon Training – Day 65, 66, 67, 68 and 69

I know … I know … I know … I’m a slacker and I have not entered in any information in a few days.  So I’m going to play catch-up on my training.

Day 65:

Rest Day – Yes, today was a well deserved rest day, and I took full advantage of it.  I did take a short 30 minute walk just to keep moving, but I did not do any strenuous exercise.

Day 66:

Run (AM) – Ran 8 miles in the morning at my race pace for my marathon goal of beating 4 hours for my time.

Swim (PM) – Swam 1000 meters, worked on kick and stroke.

Day 67:

Bike (AM) – 50 mile bike ride.  Just worked on trying to maintain my cadence at 90 rpms (did have to change gears to make the peddling easier).

Walk (PM) – 60 minute walk

Day 68:

Swim (AM) – 3000 meters of swimming.  Performed numerous drills including kick, stroke, and a touch drill in which I ran my hand up my side to reach my armpit before my hand would exit the water and then return by my head.  Also, did 6 sets of 50 meters at tri-pace.  Overall, felt very well, and swim is improving.

TRX (noon) – completed a TRX Performance Class.  I have to say that this is one of the hardest classes that I have ever done.  It really works the core, and overall balance and  strength.  As a result of this class, I have ordered the TRX Force Kit to not only perform the exercises at home, but to also take with me on the road while I travel.

Bike (PM) – 12 mile bike ride.  Worked to maintain my cadence at 90 rpms.

Day 69:

Swim (AM) – 1600 meters swimming.  Worked on kick and stroke.  Also performed 4 sets of 50 meters at tri-pace.  Will start increasing the distance before mid-May.

Run (PM) – This is an easy week of running since I have the Cooper River Bridge run on Saturday.  Even though it is a 10K, I will still taper my running.  So today was 5 sets of 400 meters at my race pace.

~ by Greg Vick on March 29, 2011.

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